“HHS Sued to Enforce Vaccine Reporting – Media Blackout in Full Effect!”


HHS Sued to Enforce Vaccine Reporting!
Media Blackout in Full Effect!

HHS Lawsuit – Media Blackout
On Dec. 21, 2018, several brave members of the Vaccine Abolition Society filed suit against Health & Human Services, (“HHS”).  The lawsuit, Ritts vs. Azar, [2:18-cv-10591-MWF], seeks to force HHS — for the first time in 33 years — to perform its legal duties to prepare vaccine reports for Congress.  However, not one single media outlet will cover this landmark lawsuit — which is proof positive that pharma controls the media!

Federal Vaccine Law 
In 1986, Congress immunized vaccine makers from personal injury lawsuits.  The 1986 Vaccine Act prohibits Americans from suing vaccine makers for childhood vaccine injuries.  If your child dies in an SUV rollover, you can always sue Ford or Chevy; however, if your child dies in a vaccine rollover, you cannot sue Merck or Pfizer.  Why?–just because!  That’s why!

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